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7 Simple Tips to Organize Closet Shoe Storage

7 Simple Tips to Organize Closet Shoe Storage

Morning is busy for all as you have t ready your kids for school and yourself for the meetings in the office and you are confused about where are your heels for the outfit you wear. It’s so hard to find anything if it is not organized in one place. Click is ticking and you are getting late but where are that yellow heels? Are you facing this panic-stricken routine? This type of morning is a part of your daily routine. Don’t you think to escape everything and just ran off to an island? Wellbeing a mother, wife, or a professional being organized is necessary but critical. 

You should use organized shoe storage in your closet. It will be easy for you to place your shoes in it and make your home look organized. Most importantly having a shoe storage cabinet solves your problem of finding your shoes from here and there. You need to just follow these simple tips and all is set for you.

Tip 1: Use shoe storage of adjustable shelves

As season changes, your shoe type also changes with it. In winter and snowfall, you may wear high boots and leather shoes. Conversely, In the spring and summer, you may prefer to wear flats, sandals, mules open-toe shoes, and slides. These seasonal shoes have lots of differences in size and shape. Therefore they need a cabinet of their size. In this condition, you need adjustable shelves of your shoe cabinet to place all shoes in an organized manner in a shoe rack.

Tip 2: Do organize your shoes in a custom closet

We never leave home without our shoes then why let them be hard to find? If you have various pairs of shoes then display them at an angle to find them easily. You can also put LED lighting on your fanciest pairs.

 Tip 3: Don’t let your shoes fall through the wire shelving racks

Wire shelving is a bad option for shoe storage. If you are using a  cost-effective laminate closet system, your shoe will no longer fall from the shelving racks because good quality can increase durability. Use a cost-effective closet system with adjustable shelving.

 Tip 4: Do forth with your shoes and maintain space

If you are trying to maintain space place one shoe front-facing and another shoe facing back you’ll gain space. With this, not only shoes take less space but also you will also see the height of heels and design from the back too while choosing what to wear.

Tip 5: Don’t use baskets

A basket is a good option for adding more items in less space but in the case of shoes, it’s not a good idea because it wastes your time and creates a mess. If you need to use a basket, place your shoes in a shoebox so that you will not get puzzled in different pairs of shoes. Instead of it, you can use a wooden shoe rack.

Tip 6: Do use flat shelves for smaller closets

Raised shelves look fantastic but if you have enough space. You should use flat shelves for smaller closets. In small closets, you have to fight for every inch. You should use adjustable shelves to proper space.

Tip 7: Do use dustproof shoe storage rack or cabinets

Dustproof storage rack keeps your shoes dustproof and clean under the shoe rack. Moreover, it will not look messy it will be closed. You can also choose the cover of your shoe rack according to your choice. So that it matches your home decor and theme.


Finding your shoes is no more frustrating process if you have a shoe rack. Just follow these simple 7 do’s and don’ts and start organizing your shoes in the shoe rack. If you have some questions and queries, you can contact us freely.

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